I was overwhelmed when it was time for me to return to work. Not only did I have to find care for my daughter but we were moving to the Town of Amherstburg. It was difficult because we didn’t know anyone and could not relay on the advice or referral from friends or family. We visited two other childcare centres and neither was as welcoming as The Creative Child Learning Centre. CCLC went above and beyond to help us get settled and ensure that our daughter was well taken care of. Both of our daughters have been with CCLC since the infant room. The staff are always professional and compassionate. I truly cannot thank you enough for the great care you continue to provide to our girls.

–  Danielle Regnier

When I began thinking about all of the ways that our daughter, and our family, has been supported during our time at the Creative Child Learning Centre I honestly became a little overwhelmed. Our daughter was born with a very rare neurological condition that has no bearing on how she would appear in a classroom compared to her peers, but requires attention to detail and patience to support. When it came time to send Indigo to daycare, even though I knew the staff, I was absolutely terrified that her atypical needs (we had physio and other services into the centre to provide support and help her teachers understand how to support her growth best) would be burdensome to the staff and just something extra to add to their workloads. I feel a bit emotional when I recall the amount of times I walked in to pick her up and the staff were either actively cheering and excitedly encouraging Indigo as she did the physio exercises she hated so much, or telling me in great detail about how proud of her they were because of the gains she had made that day. I can truly say that I felt from them the same level of investment that I felt watching Indigo work so incredibly hard. The staff at CCLC are arguably one of the biggest reasons our daughter is now in the Pre-School 2 classroom participating fully with her peers.

As a parent, it is incredibly hard to hand your baby over to anyone else for the majority of the day. These people feed, change, rock to sleep, emotionally regulate, bandage scraped knees, support social growth, provide a safe space and so much more for our kids when we can’t be there. They are not just watching our children while we go to work, they are helping to shape and support them as they grow into the little people they are becoming.

The defining piece for me, the piece that sets CCLC apart, is that I can tell these people love my kid when I can’t be there to do so. They are happy to see her when she arrives, they support her in managing her feelings and in doing the physical tasks that can be especially hard for her, they celebrate her wins….and most importantly they seem to notice all of the small things that I love about her, and thought nobody but a Mum would really and truly be able to see. I can’t thank the staff enough for making our little human feel seen. We will be very sad when it’s time for her to leave, because their care is next to none.

– Caiti and Megan Casey

We have had our son Neil enrolled at Creative Child since he was a baby. Like all parents, entrusting our child to someone else is a huge decision. In the three years our son has been there, never once have we regretted our decision. Michelle and her staff have been superb, and they have earned our trust from the very beginning. They have cared for, educated, comforted and ultimately have helped raise our son. We cannot thank them enough for that.
Most importantly, Neil loves going “to school”. He runs to the door in the morning, and the ride home later is filled with stories about his friends and the events of the day. As parents, we could not ask for more than that. We hope our son grows up to be a good man, and Creative Child has done so much to help make that happen. “Thank you” isn’t nearly enough, but we will say it again…..THANK YOU.

–  Jennifer and Mike Mathieson

Our experience with CCLC has been a very positive one. Both of our children have been attending since they were two years old. From toddler room, to preschool 1 and 2, every teacher we have had the pleasure of meeting has taken care of our children like they were their own. Our son has autism and the staff at CCLC have gone above and beyond to accommodate his challenges and contribute to his progress. Every day at pick up our kids have bright smiles and are eager to discuss their favorite parts of the day. I am so glad this is where we decided to enroll our children for daycare. I cant imagine they would have had the same experience any where else.

– Lana Iftiniuk

I’ve been a parent of CCLC for the past 8 years. My kids have gone from the baby room through to the latch key program at Stella Marais. They continue to enjoy their time at daycare, latch key and Summer camp. They get to engage in fun games and crafts as well as meet new friends in a structured environment.
As a parent, I’ve especially appreciated the staff’s love for the kids. They are caring and loving with them and understand that routine and structure is required in order for the kids to have a good day and to feel safe while away from their parents. My kids have always been excited to see their daycare teachers, which was quite helped when they were at the age of having a bit of separation anxiety.
In the 8 years that we’ve been a part of the CCLC family, never have we had a bad experience with a staff member or an unreasonable request from them. The staff is always very friendly and open to discussing issues with parents, if required. They make an effort to work with families who have shift-work type schedules and can be quite flexible. Michelle is understanding and kind, while upholding standards for the best care possible for our little ones.
At our house, we would definitely recommend CCLC to any family with little ones! We have had a great experience so far being part of the CCLC family and look forward to finishing our «daycare days» off here!

– Emily & Andre

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