We encourage children to be active learners who explore the world through their body and mind.

Infant Room 3mths – 18mths

In our Infant Room our children are greeted daily with nurturing teachers in an environment that enriches the development of each child.  The routine in the infant room is less structured and geared to the individual child.  Teachers in the classroom ensure that each infant is following their own personalized schedules for eating, sleeping and exploring.  Infants will take part through a variety of sensory and movement experiences.


We at the Creative Child Learning Centre feel that music is good for the body, mind and soul as it allows children to be creative, build connections and stimulate the brain as they actively explore musical instruments and sound.

Toddler Room 18mths – 30mths

In our Toddler Room children are free to explore their interests in a stimulating environment which promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.  Toddlers are engaged in a variety of indoor as well as outdoor activities.  Our outdoor playground is enclosed  and designed for our growing toddlers.  Teachers in the toddler room focus on the child’s interests as they provide activities and learning materials which foster their curiosity.


Our outdoor environment fosters the child’s learning through play and exploration. The children are able to explore nature during outside time whether it is planting various seeds, raking leaves or building a snowman.

Preschool Room 30mths – 44mths

Our Preschool Rooms provide an open environment where children are able to gain independence through play and learning to problem solve.  Teachers encourage the children with self-help skills such as toileting, eating and dressing.  Preschoolers are able to explore a variety of materials that promote fine motor, gross motor and cognitive development.  We follow the emergent curriculum, which is based on the child’s interests.  Children learn through play, relationships, discovery and exploration.


Activities and projects are planned by educators to match the skills and unique needs of the specific children they are working with.

Before/After School

Our before and after school programs provide care for students enrolled in school.  Children are able to complete homework, engage in creative, gross motor and building activities, while developing new friendships and engaging in social interactions.  Children are provided with a nutritious snack upon arrival.


We encourage Children to respect the differences of each individual in a polite way.  Staff models how to respect and communicate through their words and actions. Children are encouraged to do the same.

P.A. Days

We offer a full day program on P.A days at our latchkey locations.  Teachers plan a fun-filled day full of science, crafts, cooking and more!


Our indoor environment creates opportunities for both active and quiet play. Children have a chance to explore various centres within the classroom such as dramatic play, sensory, fine and gross motor, and reading and writing.

Summer/March Break/Christmas Break Camps

Stella Maris Location Only

We offer full day programs during the winter and summer breaks.  Children are fully engaged in arts, crafts, science, cooking challenges and more!  Field trips and presentations are planned to keep the children active and engaged throughout the day.

Keep an eye out for our Summer Calendar coming soon!

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